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Recovering Damages for Illnesses Related to the Use of Talcum Powder

Defective product cases are complex because they require strong evidence to prove that a company or manufacturer acted negligently.

Talcum powder, the main ingredient in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, is a ground version of the mineral talc, composed of magnesium and silicon. When applied, it absorbs moisture and creates a slippery surface, helping to eliminate friction.

Concerns over the hazards of talcum powder began to grow after a number of women who were regular users of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder as a hygiene product began developing ovarian cancer. Doctors found talc in the cancerous tissue and elsewhere in the body. Research into the dangers of talcum powder is ongoing. It is believed to be dangerous when it travels into the female reproductive system and throughout the body. It has been linked with ovarian cancer when it is repeatedly applied in the genital area.

If you have developed ovarian cancer and you believe it may have been caused by using baby powder, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your options.

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