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Timothy L. Miles | Personal Injury Attorney| Nashville

A personal injury lawsuit allows you to seek compensation for damages resulting from injuries in a court of law. If your case cannot be settled, your attorney will file a personal injury lawsuit, and you will have to prove to a judge or jury that the at-fault party was negligent.  This could take months or longer.

There are several stages in a personal injury lawsuit, including:

Filing of a Complaint

Your attorney files the initial complaint with the court to ensure all parties are served with a copy.  This begins the legal process

Discovery Process

During discovery, the parties investigates the case by gathering evidence that supports their case through interrogatories, document requests and depositions and other discovery tools. At this point, either party may still make attempts to settle the case before it moves to trial.

Trial Phase

If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will proceed to trial. Each side will present its argument and witnesses to the court and jury. This process may involve multiple hearings, and a settlement may still be pursued throughout the trial phase.

Completion of trial

After all of the arguments are heard, the jury is dismissed to determine its verdict. If the jury rules in your favor, a compensation award amount is also determined.


 After a ruling is made, the losing side can still file an appeal. An appeal can lead to a new trial or still a settlement between the parties.