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(M.D. Tenn.) (Higgins, J.) (Member of Plaintiff’s Steering Committee). This case alleged that, beginning as early as April 1990, and continuing to the present time, defendants engaged in a massive fraud to inflate Columbia’s revenues and earnings of by fraudulently obtaining from the United States and other third-party insurers hundreds of millions of dollars for counseling, therapy, medication, and other therapeutic procedures that were never rendered, unnecessary, inappropriate, billed at inflated rates, or otherwise improper, and for medical devices that were unnecessary or never provided. One of the means by which defendants allegedly defrauded Medicare was through the practice of upcoding, in which hospitals receive larger payments from Medicare by inflating the seriousness of illnesses they treat. Mr. Miles along with his Co-Counsel helped secure a settlement of 49.5 million to pay class members for their individual claims.