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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is simplest and most inexpensive business structure in the United States whereby the owners or members of the LLC are not personally liable for the company’s debts or liability. Two advantages to purchasing a home using an LLC include privacy and protection. By choosing to buy a home using an LLC, the owners of...

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Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are the easiest and most inexpensive business structures that provide owners with protections against personal liability. The members of an LLC are not personally liable for the actions of the company and their personal assets are protected from the business’s creditors. They are the also simplest and most...

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What Is a Demand for Inspection of Books and Records Under Delaware Law?

Pursuant to 8 Del .C. § 220, stockholders of Delaware corporations the ability to inspect certain corporate books and records provided they have a “proper purpose” for seeking such materials. This statute can provide an important tool for stockholders seeking to investigate allegations of corporate wrongdoing. What Must a Stockholder Establish to...

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What is a Lead Plaintiff in a Class Action Lawsuit?

The Lead Plaintiff in a class action lawsuit is the named party(s) and is officially appointed by the court at the time the lawsuit is certified as a class action. The Lead Plaintiff owes a fiduciary duty to the class and must be capable of representing the interests of all the class members. Responsibilities of a Lead Plaintiff The Lead...

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Cy Pres Awards in Class Action Settlements

Cy pres awards are funds given to charitable organizations in cases in which there is still money remaining in the settlement fund, even after all class members have been paid or the amount of the fund is too small to justify a distribution directly to class members. Cy Pres Provisions in Settlement Agreements The term "Cy pres" originates from...

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What Is A Special Litigation Committee?

A special litigation committee (“SLC”) is a committee appointed by a corporation's Board of Directors when challenged by a shareholder derivative action and is tasked with considering whether it is in the corporation's best interest is to pursue or terminate the derivative litigation. When is a SLC formed? Where a disgruntled shareholder makes a...

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What is a securities class action?

A securities class action, or securities fraud class action, is a lawsuit filed by investors who bought or sold a company's securities within a specific period of time, referred to as a “class period," and suffered economic injury as a result of violations of the securities law. Why do investors pursue class actions? When companies violate the...

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