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If own stock in any publicly traded companies, including your retirement account, we offer a stock portfolio monitoring service which is free of charge and completely confidential. The way it works is that you would provide us with a list of stocks you own, we monitor your investments free of charge, and alert you of any corporate wrongdoing and advise you of your legal options and explain the case process as well help you fill out class action claim forms so you can receive your share of the settlement proceeds. Other shareholders have been very pleased with this free service because they are notified immediately when one of their investments is affected by corporate wrongdoing and they suffer losses and can speak with an attorney free of charge about their legal options, as well has knowing when a case you own shares in has settled and we help with the claim forms process to ensure you recover your portion of the losses and no money is left on the table in the event you do not know of the settlement which have found often happens.


Enter your holdings in the comments section. For each stock, separately enter the company name and/or ticker symbol, number of shares held, and the purchase date if known. If known, enter the combined number of all shares owned in the “Numer of Shares Owned” field. If you do not know or are unsure, simply enter “Unknown” or “Unsure” in the “Numer of Shares Owned” in the “Numer of Shares Owned” field.

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