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Dangerous Drugs



When you use pharmaceuticals, you expect them to make you better, not worse. Prescriptions serve an important role for many Americans. They help control blood pressure, reduce depression, fight cancer, and keep people feeling healthy. 

In fact, as of end-2020, the total global pharmaceutical market was valued at approximately 1.27 trillion U.S. dollars. This represents a significant increase from 2001 when the market was valued at just 390 billion U.S. dollars. The pharmaceutical market plays a key role in how people get medications and what people pay for medication.

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Pharmaceutical profits keep soaring  


However, some on the market today are downright dangerous. According to a compilation of data from the CDC, 2.6 billion different drugs were ordered or given to patients during 2010. 75% of all office visits involved some kind of prescription interchange

When companies fail to make these products safe, people often end up with more health problems than they originally had. Sometimes the drugs we are prescribed come with side effects that the manufacturer did not warn us about. Drugs linked to disease, inadequate testing, not properly made, or an improperly prescribed drug can cause serious damage.

To show pills and that some drugs are bad

Is your medication making you better or worse?


When this happens, those affected deserve compensation and those responsible should to be held accountable. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a prescribed drug or other medication, call us for a free consultation at (855) 846-6529 or send us an email to tmiles@timmileslaw.com or by submitting the request for a free consultation.

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