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Car accidents are life-changing experiences. The crash itself is only the beginning of what can be an extremely long process of filing an insurance claim, determining fault, and most importantly, getting the closure one needs to move on with their life. Having to take on both the insurance companies and the law to get what you deserve from your accident can be extremely intimidating. Don’t go through this alone. Insurance companies tend to seek to minimize compensation.

Get one of the best auto accident attorneys in Nashville at your corner. The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles can navigate the often confusing legal and insurance process to ensure our clients receive the money they deserve. We never charge by the hour — we get paid only if we win.

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How are we different?

Insurance companies tend to seek to minimize compensation in car accident cases. What can seem like a fair sum might fail to cover long-term medical costs, lost wages from missed work due to an accident, or delayed injuries or damages that weren’t accounted for in the original settlement amount, When you hire one of the best auto accident attorneys in Nashville, you can be assured we will navigate this often confusing legal and insurance process.

Is hiring a personal injury attorney necessary?

In a car accident, the accident is just the beginning of your problems. Navigating an insurance claim alone can be tricky, especially if the fault of the accident is disputed. In addition, insurance companies may try to settle your claim for less than it is actually worth. Hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident puts someone in your corner who knows your state’s laws and the tricks insurance companies may try to play.

How much does a Nashville car accident lawyer charge?

The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us only if and when we win your case. Our fee would come in the form of a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount we obtain.

How long will this take?

By Form
We will call you within 24 hours after submitting your form and we will review and understand your case.

By Phone
Usually, within a week after your case review. We work as efficiently as possible to ensure the case doesn’t take longer than it needs to.

Should I talk to a Nashville car accident lawyer?

Yes, you should call one the best auto accident attorneys in Nashville.  Nashville car accident lawyer Timothy L. Miles will focus on your case by gathering evidence, consulting with experts, and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on getting your life back on track. If it is necessary, an attorney might even take your case all the way to trial to get the compensation you truly deserve.

How are car accident verdicts and settlements calculated?

The amount of a settlement can vary substantially from state to state, depending on the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred, alongside the facts of the case itself. Variables like hospital bills, car repair bills, and quotes from mechanics are used to determine the cost of an accident and what in most cases insurance companies will pay.  Your Nashville car accident will be able to tell you more ar a free case evaluation.

Our Process

  1. First, we will gather records related to your claim, including medical records, medical bills, and insurance policy information. These documents will help your attorney understand the extent of your injury, and build your case for compensation.
  2. We will investigate your accident in great detail to gather the necessary evidence. They may look at dashcam footage, security camera footage, police records, and more to help build your case.
  3. Will negotiate with the defense, outside of the courtroom, to help get you the compensation you may be entitled to. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney is prepared to go to trial and present your case in the strongest possible form.


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